Peter Attard

Managing Director

Eight years working for the Seven Network has taught me a lot about advertising and the last 20 years working in many different industries and businesses has taught me a lot about business. Having a good understanding of the advertising industry and identifying what I felt was missing gave me the motivation and confidence to start my own advertising agency. If we grow our client’s business, we all win!

I have lived in Adelaide all my life, but have worked in Melbourne and Sydney on short-term projects. I am passionate about South Australia and our future. I have a strong belief in the youth of today and am always eager to pass on personal experiences to motivate and empower others. I have a strong belief in myself and a unique way of understanding business from different sides. I often manage to include multiple clients into specific events or deals. I am a passionate negotiator always thinking outside the box and endeavour to create mutually beneficial business outcomes for the good of all concerned.

I am loyal, hard working and an ethical team player who strives for perfection. I have a genuine approach to business that is second to none and I make things happen.

I enjoy helping people and am passionate about business and working with those who are giving it a go..